A busy weekend!

Boy have Amber and I been busy - on Saturday we baked our own bread from scratch! Yep we gethered our ingredients and followed a recipe - turns out the recipe we had from a magazine didn't work at all - we couldn't get our yeast to froth - so we googled bread and found the perfect recipe! Since I don't own a loaf tin, we chose to plait our bread at it turned out wonderful! Amber was able to help with measuring, pouring and mixing - she especially loved punching the dough after it had risen! Here's the end result:

This photo was taken straight after it came out of the oven - it smelled divine and was beautiful with butter on it! Jas managed to wake up from his sleep (he's on night shift) just as the bread came out of the oven, so he had some fresh too - I think we actually impressed him!

Then today our challenge was Tie-dying. Amber asked me a little while ago what it was and how to do it - so I taught her! I picked out a white shirt for her, then we started the task of finding the dough - it wasn't easy - no one stocks it anymore! So we ended up with two different brands of dye - one navy blue, the other rose pink. We bound up sections of the t-shirt with rubber bands and then - on a wire rack over the sink - we syringed the dye onto the areas that we wanted the colour. I found this worked way better than trying to dunk parts of the cloth into a bucket (which we had originally planned). Here is Amber's finished t-shirt.

The front and back of the shirt. The blue ended up turning a shade of purple. Now Amber wants to do a matching skirt - I'll post her modelling them both when we're finished!


laterg8r said...

very cool tie dye and bread - some great projects going on at your house :D

Ashley said...

Awesome tye-dying project! My sister wants to do that we her troop at Girl Scouts.

Bustie McGoo said...

awesome job on that shirt! And that bread looks really yummy!