Summer Challenge #3

Wow, I haven't done a journalling/blogging challenge for weeks, so I'm picking a random one - one that I don't have to think much on (because my brain is fried from study). I chose:

Everything happens for a reason - explain.

This is like a therapy session...
You know you never know it at the time, but yes I do believe everything happens for a reason. We learn from it, we discover something about ourselves because of it, or something changes for the better from it. For instance had I not been unemployed many years ago - I never would have discovered my love for quilting, sewing, cross stitching, drawing and creating. I also learned that I need to keep myself busy or I'll go insane!
Another example is the age gap between Amber and Sophia - an absolute fear of having more children and then 3 years of infertility have actually been a blessing. There was no way you could have told me that during those 8 years - but I'm glad for the age gap now, because I think I've coped better. I truly can't imagine myself with two toddlers running around! That same time also got me back to work - I gave up all hope of having more children so I found some courage to commute all the way to the city and work again. Within a couple of months I actually fell pregnant - sadly it wasn't to be, but it made me get a job closer to home - and voila, 3 months in my new job and I was pregnant with Sophia! Since being on maternity leave, I've learned to make cards, to juggle two kids and open my own etsy store! I proved to myself that I could do it - and I'm on my way to completing my Diploma in Children's Services too! Who knew out of stress and sadness I could accomplish so much! For anyone else it's probably nothing, but to me I've finally started to achieve some personal goals. So yes - everything happens for a reason, and it's sometimes a snowball effect!


Julie Camacho said...

How awesome, Sarah! Your post made me cry. It is soo true, everything happens for a reason. I think when you are willing to embrace it and except it, then you get the most from it!

Tali G said...

Great post, I am glad that things have turned out so well for you. I know that having an age gap between your children can be a blessing. There is no less than 4 years between each of my kids and I love that I have them as toddlers and preschoolers before the next baby comes around :) I also have 10 years between my second and third children (yes there is a step child in there) but I was certain I couldn't have another child and then all of a sudden I was pregnant???

Ashley said...

Awesome post! I love your take on the idea of everything happening for a reason.