Princesses on Ice

Guess where Amber and I have been tonight? Disney Princesses on Ice!! It's the closest we'll ever get to Disney Land! It was so pretty, girly and just plain wonderful! Here are some of my favourite pictures from tonight:My own little princess - Amber. All dressed up as her favourite princess - Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and yes it is rather odd seeing her as a blonde!
Ariel (the mermaid) and her prince - she'd gained legs by this stage, hence there being no tail.
Aurora and her prince sharing a moment
The prince is in the bottom right of the photo, trying to slay the fire breathing dragon - yes that was real fire on the ice! Oh and you can just see, Sleeping Beauty asleep up on the top right of the photo.

Ariel being lifted up by the fishy-folk, while other skaters danced around to to some funky music and bubbles fell from the sky!

Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. There was also Snow White, the 7 dwarfs, Mulan, Malificent, Ursula, Flotsam, Jetsam, Sebastian, The Genie, Mickey & Minnie. It was truly a very magical night, and my little Princess thoroughly enjoyed herself!


Ria said...

Amber's so cute in her Sleeping Beauty outfit! My daughter had the same gown when she turned 7 and we made Disney Princesses and Princes as our birthday theme.

Have a happy weekend!!!

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

That looks like such a fantastic show!
Collette x

Ashley said...

Looks wicked cool! I love Sleeping Beauty, too!

Mousey said...

Gorgeous photos! My almost-6yo daughter went yesterday to the 2.30pm show with her Nan and absolutely loved it. My 2yo wanted to go, but he's still a bit little, so Daddy took him to Bunnings instead LOL

Chelle said...

Awww Amber looks so pretty.

Erika said...

What a pretty pretty princess she is!! Looks like a fun evening!!