Playing with my dolly

Our car had to go into the shop to get the dash looked at - a few lights were missing, it's more than annoying in the dark when you can't see the time or where to turn the heat up! - so Jas had to walk down to pick it up. I asked him if we could all walk down, it wasn't far into town, and was a great way to get in a family walk for the day - then he told me the pram was still in the car, and there was no way I was carrying Sophia that far! So Amber came up with the idea that she would use her own stroller! It's cute, pink and would you believe actually fit Sophia in it. They looked absolutely darling together, Sophia would smack the food tray as if to go faster, and would smile everytime she passed by her daddy and I on her little trip around the house. Here are some picks I snapped:
I'm going so fast the wind caught my tongue!
You clocked me doing what speed?!

A short pit-stop to refuel. Amber continued the fun by feeding Sophia right there in the little pram - she didn't want me to take her out! Are they not the cutest little girls ever! Oh and as if that was all the cute you could handle - here's a video:


Julie Camacho said...

Awe How fun! So did you get your walk?

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

That is so cute and the little one looks like she is loving it! Sweet.
Collette xxx

Ashley said...

LOL! That's wicked cute! Creative idea though!

Tali G said...

Amazing pics, you are so lucky to have two girls that love each other so much