Crayons, Cupcakes, Beados and a baby

Good golly it's been a while - yep still busy studying, not long now and it'll all be over - yay!! So what have we been up to? We made some crayons by melting down old crayons in a silicone heart mold in the oven! We managed to get one of every colour. I just put the oven at about 220 C, and then timed them for about 5-7minutes. I stood by the oven the entire time to keep an eye on their progress. We filled the little molds right to the top, but once melted, the new crayons were only about as half deep in the mold. These would be great in little celophane bags as gifts or party favours! Oh and you could always substitute crayon for chocolate!....Piglet celebrated his 5th birthday! Yay! Amber made the chocolate cupcakes herself, then she requested we put strawberry & cream lollies on the top - with the chocolate sprinkles! The party was held in the lounge with Cutie the snail and Bosko the Rabbit as guests. (Yes we had to turn the lights off and sing - can you see the little lit candle?!)Sophia officially grew too big for her bouncer today - not only did she sit up in it, but the strap broke - okay so she didn't break it, we were given the bouncer when Amber was a baby, my two nieces have use it, and now Sophia - so it's had a good run. Oh and newsflash - Sophia is now 75cm tall - her sister was 73cm tall at her first birthday! Sophia is only 7 months old! Who wants a tiny baby anyway!?!

And Amber has been creating Beedos sculptures - she had some money saved up and has been harping at me ever since they were invented - thankfully I didn't give in the first time - what with all the nasty side effects they had if eaten! The princess on the left is Aurora, then there is the self created "Piglet", and Princess Cinderella.
Phew what a week!


Candace said...

So fun! Looks like your girls are having lots of fun. You are such a great mom, Sarah!

Julie Camacho said...

OK, I have sooo many comments for this post! LOL. First Piglets party. So fun, I threw a party like this for Cody (I think he was 5). He had a favorite Elephant named Ellie. We invited his cousins and their favorite stuffed animals.
I laughed out loud when I saw the photo of Sophia sitting up in the bouncer.
I used to make "cupcake tin" crayons when I taught preschool. It is really fun to mix the colors up. I loved that they were "chunky" and easy for little hands to hold.

Ashley said...

Very cool and creative ventures! I wonder if I can try the crayon thing as a Girl Scout project for next fall.