Under a pile of paper

Look out I found my way out! I was lost under a pile of Child Care Legislation and Information, and something to do with Socio-economic issues and how they relate to our children - blek! I'm busy studying again, so posts have been few and far between. I haven't even been able to do my JB Challenge! Okay, so we haven't been up to much anyway, just enjoying time with Jas, he's had the whole week at home, and playing with Sophia who today surprised us all and actually held her own bottle. She's been trying to do this ever since she was given one, but today she kept a firm grip (she woke up really cranky and obviously hungry!)

Jas had to hold the bouncer still, cause Sophia likes to kick her legs so much she'd probably end up with a milkshake! Oh she is growing up way to fast!

Amber has her last day at school tomorrow, and then she's off for 3 weeks for Semester Holidays. Her class is celebrating 100 days of school tomorrow so they are having a party and Amber is also singing in her choir group on stage! So we'll be going up to the school to see that. Amber wanted cupcakes for school, so I cheated and bought them from Woolworths! I created the little picks to go in them though - so lazy, I know!

They are mini cupcakes with coloured icing and choc mud cupcakes with choc icing - yum! Perfect for little people at a party, and no fuss for a brain-fried mum! I miss creating when I have to study!


Tali G said...

Our kids just finished school for the summer, I like your system better only a couple of weeks of kids home at a time :) mine drive me crazy after a couple of weeks :)

Ashley said...

Don't quite understand the 100 Days of School thing (we have that here but Private Schools don't celebrate it) but those cupcakes look awesome!

Julie Camacho said...

Hope you are done studing soon. I miss seeing your creations!

Margy said...

Oh I love the cupcakes! I hate cooking, so I will probably cheat at everyone of Liam's school functions!

Congrats on your little sweet pea holding her own bottle!