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Sophia loves sucking in her bottom and top lip at the moment, she gets all these funny little faces!

It's hard to capture the funny face, because she stops as soon as the red-eye turns on! Sophia is doing better, we have to get her to drink some hydro-lite stuff to prevent her from ending up in hospital with dehydration. Nasty little bug that she has.

Meanwhile, Amber is loving the new show Master Chef on TV, and came up with her own creations tonight during the "Pressure Test". I had to judge her on her presentation, colour and ask her a bunch of questions like "How do you think you went, is this the best you've cooked!" She even made her own work station!

On her finest Princess plates, we have (as told to me by Amber) - A purple iced, cherry on top cupcake. An Oreo Sundae with strawberry ice-cream and a love heart. And fresh milk topped with milo. Yes Amber has the playdough ice-cream maker (Santa bought it), and she loves to use it! I'm surprised there's no sprinkles!


  1. Wow, you just made a pregnant woman want ice cream at 7.52am haha.


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