More Peeps....

I created a layout all about the peeps I received from Candace and Courtney! I just love the expressions Amber made when trying them, she didn't know whether to collect them or eat them!

I wanted to try out something new that I've seen on a few layouts - they've used tissue paper or crete paper and created borders like I've done above, by gathering and stitching. I wanted to do this, but I didn't want to lose the blue line underneath - so I tried celophane! It worked a treat, and was quite easy once you got the hang of it. I just gently guided the celophane through the sewing machine (while it was on my layout), and used a needle to gently create pleats as it was stitched to the layout.

A view from the side showing how I layered the title letters, and you can see the celophane at a different angle.

Another angle showing how the pleats make the celophane stand up and catch the light - it gives the layout a bit of shine.

Because I took a sequence of photos, I wanted to display them like those photo booths you can sit in and make funny faces while your photo is being taken. I also raised the photos on 3D foam tape, so they didn't crush the celophane and still stood out on the layout. I digitally altered the photos by making them black & white except the peep. Amber was wearing a very brightly coloured nightie and you could barely see the peep with all the distracting colours. You can do this with any photo to help emphasise the point of your layout. I have also done it with a pair of bowling shoes in Amber's bowling party layout.


  1. You're very creative and talented! I love this layout!

  2. I love how you did the photos! The LO is great! Awesome techniques.

  3. Love it, the strips of black and white pics with the yellow peep is awesome, another great one :)


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