Huge weekend

Boy have we all had a busy weekend! It started off with my BFF and I wanting to go to the Baby & Children's Expo - we started out at about 12 lunch time I think, and slowly made our way around all the exhibitors, we asked questions, collected sample bags, and then found ourselves in a rather funny situation - I had been wondering about the 12 month needles that Sophia would have to have later on in the year. So we found a display with some eager consultants and asked our questions: "Could we get the 3 needles in one?", "Does it cost extra", blah blah blah. Well apart from noticing that this woman was a little skitish and seemed to be trying to throw pamphlets at anyone within reach, she finally said yes and shoved an orange pamphlet at me - well it was like ESP or something devine, cause at that very moment my BFF and I realised we had walked into the wrong booth - turns out these people were against needles and started ranting about choice and not needing them - I just wanted my question answered! We high-tailed it out of there! Then laughed rather hard, this poor woman tried so hard to convert us! We continued on our hunt for various fun things from toys, to safety items, to my now favourite gadget - it's a bottle heater that doesn't require a microwave or electricity - and it's reusable! Since Miss Sophia is posh and likes her milk at the perfect temperature, this is wonderful! We also got heaps of ideas for when they are bigger. One big annoyance that we learned was, I couldn't find anything on formulas for children of Sophia's age (6 months), no samples, pamphlets, freebies of any kind. It turns out that the Nutrition Standard of Something (can't remember) doesn't allow any of this information to be available for children under 12 months because it interferes with trying to promote Breast Feeding! Talk about miffed! The expo is supposed to help EVERYONE not just a selected group of people. My BFF and I also found that we were spoken to and had sample bags thrown at us less than actual, obvious mums. We didn't take our children, so we were nobodies! All the other mums toting screaming annoyed children, and husbands were given everything! We are glad we left our little princes and princess at home with the daddies though, cause it was murder trying to get around there without prams, I got run over several times and one of the dad's actually used the child he was carrying to push my BFF out of the way! So laden down with bags and purchases, we headed off over the bridge to the Queen Street Mall where we met the Jade Buddha For Universal Peace:

It's the largest Buddha ever carved from Jade and is touring the world. The purple flowers are orchids, and the white things along the bottom are white doves with peace messages on them. It's 4 meters tall! After viewing, we grabbed some lunch and then caught the train home.

Today we travelled to North Side to attend my Niece's 5th birthday party. It was held at the Patch Place, and the children all got to make a jewellery & a stand, draw, and have their faces painted.

The children had a wonderful time, with music, pastels, crayons and cupcakes! I'm so glad we all got there dry! It rained so much today that I was constantly damp! Poor Sophia was put in and out of the car so many times in a hurry, just to keep her dry. My MIL, Sophia and my youngest Niece Bethany all went to the Coffee Club for some afternoon tea where Sophia tried her first piece of toast and a hot chip. She enjoyed both, but we'll probably wait for a few more teeth before trying them again. Just as we were leaving the party, it started to rain, really heavy. In a rush to get the pram in the boot - I shut the boot lid with the keys still in my handy-dandy drink bottle holder didn't I! So there was a small panic, a hunt for the car manual (cause in the commotion of rain and the embarrassment of it all I completely forgot where the emergency lever was) My MIL came up with the solution (genius!) to spin the pram around once the back seat was down and pull the keys out! Simple when you're not flustered! And we were in business again. Very wet, but on our way.

So now I'm putting up my feet and watching CSI cause I'm pooped! Oh and here's Sophia sitting up - her new trick
Thank you and goodnight.....


Chelle said...

That bottle sounds good! Sophia is getting SO big. Makes me more excited for Autumn to be here!

Ashley said...

WOW! Sounds like you had a very busy day! The convention you went to sounds kinda like the anime one I go to here in NYC...except it's the people NOT in costume (just us folks who have on an anime t-shirt) who get ignored.

Melissa said...

What fun Love the needle story. I had to laugh because I have never had any trouble reading your posts before but you used so many slang terms for things this time I really had to think about what you were saying lol I love it.

Tali G said...

Busy, busy times. It seems that the more time passes the more opinionated people are about their sides of issues where babies are concerned. Some parents can't or choice not to breast feed or want to give their babies shots and they should have all the information required, even if that is not what the latest research says they should do. Each parent should have all the information they need to do what they feel is best for their child. Good luck

Margy said...

Okay that Baby Expo sounds both great and frustrating. I don't like big crowds of people so I think I would just steer clear of something like that.

I think it is absolutely idiotic for people to push their own opinions on other people. I breast fed, and I was happy with breast feeding. My SIL had a hard time breast feeding and people tried to make her feel so guilty. It would make me so angry. No one gets to decide what is best for YOUR child.

LOL, sorry I did a mini rant your blog!