Grandparents Day...

Today was Amber's last Grandparents Day celebration at school - in year 4 upwards the children don't participate, so you can imagine how happy I am that I'm home this year to be able to go with her - last year Amber had to "borrow" some grandparents from her friends, so she had someone to hang out with. We had lots of fun - despite the fact that I missed assembly and Amber's performance with her class. (Frankly I'm a little sick of not being given the correct information for anything at that school). Assembly was first thing in the morning, so had I stayed after Amber was dropped off, I would have been able to go. Any way I turned up just as Morning Tea had started and Amber, Sophia and I had a picnic at a free table - thank goodness cause even though I took a plastic backed blanket to sit on, the ground was sodden and wet! We enjoyed our morning tea, chatted with Sophia and then started on the activities. There was paper folding, playdough, straw creations, painting, making bracelets out of string and Fruit Loops (like Cheerios only laden with sugar), and necklaces out of string and coloured pasta. We also got to thread and weave on a big fish net. Sophia liked the feel of all the different strips of material! After a few hours it was time to go - Amber conned me into staying for her presentation of her Cinco De Mayo poster and pinata. Sophia wasn't impressed and really wanted a sleep and a bottle (she refused it earlier as she's quite fussy with milk temperature). She fussed, burped and talked her way through poor Amber's presentation, but managed not to interrupt her. Here are some photos:

Icing biscuits - I think this was Amber's 2nd, she loved them!Threading Fruit Loops while wearing her pasta necklace.
My two favourite girls - yep Sophia has discovered her buzzy butterfly and loves to pull on it now! Forget smiling for the camera!Amber tried to ice a 3rd biscuit but the icing had run out - so Sophia snatched it! She loved her new biscuit, she's never eaten Milk Arrowroot biscuits before!

Deep in concentration with her Fruit Loops.


  1. Okay Grandparents here are the parents parents...what are they there?

    Great pictures looks like she had a great day :)

  2. Such cute girls! I loved the time I got to spend with my kids when they were little. The Fruit Loop necklaces were always a big hit.

  3. What beautiful little girls you have. It looks like it was a very fun time:-) Kids love that stuff-anything they can create and doing it with people they love makes it even better:-)

  4. Great pictures! Sounds like you had a wicked good time. In my grade school, when we had grandparent's day, all we had was tea...then we could give them a tour of the school but that was it.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! You have an awesome blog, and great pictures your girls are so cute :)


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