Finally some scrapping

Woah, it's been a few days since I posted anything crafty - I was actually a little worn out after the weekend, and then I rediscovered my Wii again! I've been running, boxing and balancing my little heart out - then my mojo returned and I scrapped a two pager last night! My whole body is still aching from the big walk (but it's a good ache cause it was a fantastic day out), so I figured I should keep up the exercise while I was "in the zone"! I'm also trying to keep myself occupied and my mind off the fact that Sophia has her needles today. I always freak out - not because I'm afraid of them (I've had way to many in every shape and size to be afraid of them!), but because I'm worried I'm hurting Sophia (or Amber when she get's them) and that they'll have a bad reaction to them. Okay, too much thinking again - moving right along to some scrapping..

Page one of my layout

And page 2 - the scanner managed to lop off the doodled lines on the top and bottom of both pages. I doodled the white flourishes myself with my white pen, then I added some flowers I made. They came as diecute which I sandwiched with celophane and buttons, then hand sewed them to the layout. I then use some Imaginisce rubons and can I tell you I'm not happy with them at all! I've waited forever for these in the stores and when I used them, they didn't want to leave the backing paper and I messed up both butterflies (they have been fixed in PSP so they look alright here) Not Happy Jan!! I think I'll stick to stickers in the future (no pun intended)

A little closeup of the doodling, and the flowers. I folded the petals slightly for dimension. There's a flower bottom, crumpled celophane circles, then a flower centre circle and a button.

The flower on the right layout and more doodling. The little white flowers are rubons too, and the only ones that went on easily! I got the inspiration for these layouts from Page Maps.
Photobucket Update: We are back from the Doctors. Sophia was very brave, she only cried a little on the first needle, but everyone including China heard about the second one. Thank goodness there's no more until December - only she has to have 3 then, so I'm doing some research to see if we can get the all-in-one needle - I don't care how much it costs! Sophia was also weighed and measured, so here are her stats so far.

  • Height: 72cm
  • Weight: 9.31kg or 20lb 52oz
  • Head circumferance: 43 cm

Sophia is well above the usual height of children her age - so she's going to be one tall girl!


Candace said...

Precious layout, Sarah! Love that PP! I am loving the Wii Fit, too! I did mine today and really enjoyed it. I did Yoga first, then stretching, then aerobics, followed by the short run at the end. I have to save the run for last because it wears me out!

Margy said...

I love what you did with the cellophane! And you are a antastic doodler! I am assuming that when you said you are taking her for her needles, you mean her shots right? Sorry, I'm not trying to be a total dweeb!

I love the Wii Fit!

Ashley said...

Awesome layouts! The colors are so bright and happy!

dominicsmama said...

Hi, beautiful Lo's! I have looked at your blog for a while now and today I wen't and relooked at all your beautiful creations. How do you do it? How do you come up with half the stuff you do? You just amaze me! I have a 1 1/2 year old running around and I'm a stay at home mom and I can't seem to accomplish as much as you. I look forward to seeing more of your creations!


Tali G said...

Another great layout.

Sorry to hear about the shot pain, it is so hard to let them do that to your baby and not cry yourself :( We are very fortunate here we don't have to pay for the shots but I don't think they offer all in one shots here though.