Blogging/Journalling Challenge #18

PhotobucketIf you had to evacuate your home because of a natural disaster, which of your possessions would you bring with?

Oh gosh this one's a hard one - mainly because it's never happened to me and I don't know how I would react in such a crisis. When the river rose near our house and all the other rivers were bursting their banks I was giving a little thought to what I should move in the event that the flood reached us. My family and pets aside (because they are the first items that I would make safe!) I thought of my scrapbooks. I personally don't do them for me. I do them for Jas and my children - for their future - and for other family members to know who we were and what we did during our time on this planet. (No I'm not moving to Mars, I'm just saying in my 100 years or more of living, I want to be able to leave something valuable behind) So I think about them when ever it rains heaps and have devised a plan to put them in large water tight boxes that I already have. I know memories stay with you forever and scrapbooks can be replaced, but I still feel the need to "rescue" them if we ever had the need.
I would of course collect other necessities like clothes, food and water - and the list gets huge now that we have Sophia - it wouldn't just be a case of running out the house, I would need to take half the house with me to ensure her comfort where ever we might end up. I'd probably take books and pencils for Amber too - to keep her entertained. Jas would probably grab the laptop - our only link with the outside world for news & weather. I'd probably take a book or two as well - the calmer I am, the calmer the family stays. Other items that would probably be of use are a notebook (unless I used the laptop - but all good batteries die eventually), and my camera - to document or film what's happening.
Like I said, I have no idea how I'd actually react in a crisis, as thankfully I've never been in one - but I have learned just by moving several times, that possessions arn't everything, as long as you have your family - you can start again, people around the world do it all the time, and I think they are very courageous for it.


Tali G said...

Great post! I think we all seem to be on the same page that things are replaceable but the kids/husband aren't. I love your comments about what to take the kids entertained I never thought of that but I should have with 4 kids I would go insane if I didn't have something to entertain them

Ashley said...

Awesome post! I too agree...things are replaceable...people not so much.

Jocelyn said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my Blog!!!! I just adore meeting new people with a passion for life and scrapbooking!!! I just love your Blog and let's please keep in touch!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!! :)

Michaela said...

What a good post! You're so right, possessions aren't everything. I would be the same make sure the loved ones and pets are safe first and worry about the rest after that.
Thanks for stopping by the other day! You've got a really cute blog - I'll be back again =)

Margy said...

Sounds like there are some good things that you would bring! I am still thinking about this one! I think that it is a definitely a hard challenge!