Been creating again...

I started off the day studying and ready to pull my hair out - you know it really annoys me when these companies create modules for people to study, then they change it at their whim but neglect to tell the poor saps (me) that it's been changed. After sitting for ages wondering what something meant (cause there was no information to explain it), and then deciding that it was plain impossible I decided to call the college - they're going to know me by name and number soon! Turns out the girl on the phone couldn't understand this part of the module, no one in the office could understand it, so they've omitted it and said we don't have to do it. I asked if they could do that for the rest of my Diploma - sadly they can't, pooh. Any who, that finished that module and then I completed the next in record time! I managed to go shopping today with some money that Sophia got (for being born), and bought her a gorgeous outfit to wear to Austin's birthday party - onya Myer Stocktake Sale!! Then I did some scrapping - well it's rainy and dreery outside, perfect weather for creating!

My two little mermaids - and no there isn't a smudge on your monitor - it's there for a reason! Sophia loves the big bath, and Amber loves to help! Apparently duck was on the menu this particular night?! I sewed around the central pp with my sewing machine, cut the circles from pp with my CM circle cutter and raised some on 3D foam tape, then add those really cute little "water droplet" stickers - they look so real IRL. I even got to use my new stamp from Candace - it's in the bottom right corner - a crown for my two princesses. I added a little Stickles to it.
This is Sophia trying out Farex for the first time - she loved it and didn't even try to spit it out! I matted the photos on white paper, drew and cut out the leaf/stem myself and doodled ruled lines along the edge of the pp. I added stickles to the dots in the flower die in the bottom left corner.
Both of these layouts were inspired by Page Maps Sketches.


  1. Great layouts. I really love the colours on the second one. The girls are so adorable :)

  2. As usual another two amazing layouts.

    Sorry to hear about the pulling your hair out with the school stuff...funny how they do that eh :)


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