She can be taught!!!....

OMG I have been cooking again! If you know me you'll know that I don't cook anything from scratch. I'm a jar and box girl! Well today I tried scones - yes I know Amber could cook them and get them right - but this is me! I made a lovely floury mess and had all sorts of fun - and they turned out perfect. Jas and I had them with Jam & Cream for afternoon tea. Yummo!Would you believe I even have a Tupperware scone cutter! It's only ever been used for playdough - woohoo. Oh the fun you can have baking!

And here is the layout that I created:
These scans were taken from 3 separate visits - I was so lucky to have so many scans of Sophia - not because anything was wrong, just because they were available to me. I didn't get any scans after 26 weeks which was so hard - I really wanted to see Sophia. Thankfully all her kicking and tumbling helped eleviate fears that something was wrong (After loosing a bub at Christmas '07, I fretted constantly that I would lose Sophia) The top scan was the first scan where Sophia looked like a little baby, the second was the Downs Syndrome scan - the first of the 3D scans - and she was sucking her thumb! The last two were at 26 weeks and are stills from our 4D DVD. As you can see she was sucking her thumb again, held her legs so that her knees touched her nose and played with her umbilical cord. I've added these disks (all pictures and video are on disks) to the pocket that this layout sits in. There was also a dating scan, and another early scan that I don't have pictures for. I love that Sophia still has the same profile in her last scan as she does now - a button nose and chubby cheeks - oh and the thumb sucking!


Ashley said...

LOL! Never tried making scones before....I'm more of a box cake girl myself. Wicked awesome layout too!

Tali G said...

Those scones look delish :)

Your baby scans are so much cooler than mine...the last one I had was just over a month before he was born and it looks like the first one a great scan of lines that look like nothing :( I would love to have the colour ones that actually look like a baby :)