The Postman's Been!!

Oh Candace you are a sweety!! I am putting together a package for you as week speak! This is what arrived in the mail today!

Can you believe the goodies I have!! Look at those gorgeous stamps - I can't even get them here! They match the princess paper that I used in my heart album! I can't wait to give them a go - I'm now addicted to stamping, and with the Disney Princesses on Ice coming up, these are just perfect!!! I'm loving those cupcakes too - look out Candace, you just know they're going to be used on something that I'm sending you! The wand, little memo book and princess stickers are for Amber - she's going to be so happy (the wand is going to be perfect for the costume that I have coming. I've bought it so Amber can wear it to the Ice - she doesn't know yet though!) Thank you so much Candace!!

I also got my free tent today! I couple of months ago we sent off for a free Huggies tent, all we needed to do was collect nappy and wipes barcodes - yep we have plenty of them! Here it is:

It's so cute - the whole thing folds up flat, and then pops up when you want to use it. The head comes off and all the pink parts are soft. We stuck a doona in there with some toys and Sophia had heaps of fun! She'll have to fight for a spot in there when Amber gets home though!

My little cutie in her tent! It even comes with pegs so you can secure it in the grass or sand! Can't wait to test it out at the beach - when it's not washed out and blown over New Zealand, or full of sea foam!


Z said...

what a cute tent!!

Ashley said...

Wicked cute tent!

Maggi said...

What fun mail and that tent is awesome!

Candace said...

I am so happy the package got there safely! I knew you and Amber would love those things. When I saw that stuff in the store, I just had to pick it up for Amber. It had her name written all over it! :) Sophia's tent is too cute!