I haven't floated away - yet....

So sorry I haven't been around. We have had no internet for the past week, torrential rain, wind at speeds of up to 115km/hr, flooding and anything else that nature wants to throw at us! I was just hoping and praying we wouldn't lose our roof - it's tile, the patio though, I was hoping would blow away! According to the news, we've had 8 months worth of rain in 2 days! Which is awesome for the dams, as we are now officially out of the drought - not so good for all the houses, people and cars that went under when the rivers couldn't hold anymore rain.

So what do you do when the weather is too terrible to go out - you scrap! Oh and I did fit some study and reading in there too. I'm also helping Amber to construct a Pinata for a project she is doing. She's chosen Cinco De Mayo - cause all the cartoons on at the moment are celebrating! Here is some things of what I've been doing:

Meeting Sophia for the first time. It's nice scrapping colours other than pink. I also broke out my stamps. I've been collecting them for a little while and never used them! I'm deffinately going to be looking around for more, they are great to use when you run out of letter stickers (which I have!)

I found the inspiration for this layout in the May edition of CK. It's the first time I've used plastic letters. I used my CM circle cutter to create the circles, some of them are raised. I altered the little bird by cutting out the bottom of it's wing and raising it on 3D foam tape. I've also dotted clear Stickles around the clowers, wing and doodling - it's in white around the circles.

I also wanted to thank you all who took the time to wish me well after my stabbing - I'm very careful with my scissors now! I can't believe you've all had similar incidents! Okay, I'm off to catch up with my babes, and all my other friends in blog land. Hopefully, the internet is here to stay! Oh, apparently not only do we have a network fault, but a lot of the transformers for power and the exchange were underwater - so no power or internet! Hopefully everything is going to dry out now, and the bad weather has moved on!

Here is a little video of Sophia doing what she does best - bouncing! She used to be so active in my tummy - I'm so glad she can still be that active and have fun doing it!


  1. I am SO glad you and your family are safe, Sarah! I was so worried about you. Sophia looks like she is having so much fun in her jumper. She is growing so much!

  2. fabulous layouts.. glad you are ok.. the weather sounds wacky. it's been like that here too.. we are just now drying out..

  3. So happy to hear that you and your family are ok. I love the video of Sophia! She is getting so big.

  4. Awesome layouts! Glad you and your family are alright...that kind weather sounds wicked horrible.

  5. Hope the weather gets better for you soon! We had a very heavy rain last night as well, creating rivers out of nothing...I am sure not as bad as your's but my point is the weather seems to be crazy this year. Hang in there :)

    Love the layouts as usual.

  6. That rain sounds scary! When I was stationed in Korea, we went through monsoon season and the flooding was horrendous!

    It's good to know that you are safe, and your LOs look amazing as always!


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