A Birthday Fit for a Queen!...

Amber's teacher had her birthday today. Amber told me last week that she wanted to do something nice for her. Initially Amber wanted a giant Lady Bug cake, but because you have to cut up a cake and knives not being allowed in school - we chose cupcakes.

24 "pink" ladybugs, with chocolate heads, M&Ms for spots and eyes and licorice antenae. Turns out no matter how much Pillarbox Red food colouring you put in vanilla icing - it's going to turn out pink. Oh well.

We added 5 candles and the whole class sang Happy Birthday before Miss Appleton blew out her candles. She was so happy, and even shared out some cupcakes with her other teacher friends. The children of course loved them and quickly gobbled them up for morning tea.


  1. Happy Birthday to the Queen!! Love it!! Beautifully done!! Dawn

  2. your child's teachers are so lucky to have them in their class...I would never think to do something like that.

    They are amazing!

  3. That's so neat! Love the cupcakes! That's one very lucky teacher right there!

  4. Those are so sweet! You are so good to Amber's teacher. I know she appreciates you. Ever since I started teaching, I gained a greater appreciation for other teachers.

  5. Lady, how you gonna put a pic of all those lovely looking cakes in front of a pregnant woman!!! ;)

    They look great :)


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