An altered kind of Sleeping Beauty...

Our challenge for the month of June over at is to alter a frame - I've never done this before, so it really was a challenge. I did know the them that I wanted to go with though - Sleeping Beauty. Here it is, the before and after:
It was the most boring frame, when I picked it up at Spotlight. I really wasn't happy with it at all, but it was cheap and I was altering it anyway. It's a box frame of 8x10 photo size. I bought all the sleeping beauty pieces from Photo Continental, I was going to use die-cuts but saw these and really wanted the animals and Flora, Fauna & Merryweather (the fairies). I added the organza roses (because Sleeping Beauty is called Briar Rose at the beginning of the story), and I added lavender, doodling, bling and stickles. I also painted the frame with pink and then white paint and sanded it back for a soft look. The front of the frame has been covered with Doodlebug paper.

The lavendar, with an organza rose - I popped some stickles in the middle. You can also see some doodling and Sleeping Beauty's crown.

Ahh the dress - adhered at the back with 3D foam tape.

I wanted to show you how I created the hills in 3D. I adhered the first hill (in dark green) directly to the glass with clear sticky dots. Then I added the second hill (in light green) to the actual frame. I distressed the edge for a grass look. I also found some magical star dust stickers and added them along with the animals (the bunnies are in the Prince's boots). The paper was attached to the frame using a spray on adhesive, and then the edges were sanded.

So there you have it - my first altered frame!


Ashley said...

Awesome frame! It's so pretty!

Tali G said...

OMG Sarah it is amazing, you are so talented...I would love to be able to do that, my oldest daughter is hooked on tinkerbell, but I am not that creative :(