The whole tooth and nothing but the tooth....

I found out this morning that Amber's teacher is going to have all four of her wisdom teeth removed next Friday. She's really worried about what they'll do and how she'll feel after.
So of course I told her what she might expect and that she'll be fine - as long as she can slurp potato and gravy through a straw she'll be fine - okay so I didn't say that, but I thought I might make her a card. The front says "The tooth (truth) is..." and inside it says "you'll be fine". Hopefully it brightens up her day.


  1. that is soooo cute! and you are so thoughtful!!! i had all 4 wisdom teeth removed and another tooth cut out when i was 20 and i did just fine with it... i ate nothing but soft mushy cheese ravioli for about 2 weeks though!

  2. Absolutely adorable card! Love your tooth!


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