Mother's Day Stall...

Every year to raise money for school, we send along something for our children to add to the Mother's Day Stall - I usually buy something nice as I don't have the time to make something. Well this year I went all out. Here is a sampling of my post-it note holders - they go on your fridge.

All they are is a piece of stong card, wrapped in the most pretty paper ever! I found it in a stack of 48 sheets at Big W! The paper sparkles and is full of bright colours. I used my hot glue gun to secure it all, then I created the little cupcakes, added a heart sticker, did some doodling and added "You're Sweet" which I printed off my computer. I bought the Post-It Notes at Big W too. On the back I have a stamp that says Amber & I made them. They are all wrapped in cellophane ready for the stall next week. The class with the most presents donated gets to be the first into the stall to buy something for their mums!

And I got an award from the sweet and talented Ashley (she writes the most amazing stories!) How cute is that?! Thankyou so much Ashley!


  1. I love those! They are going to be a big hit! :)

  2. Those post it note pads are too cute! Great colors!


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