A letter of complaint....

PhotobucketI visited Garden City Shopping Center today and have this letter to issue to a few of the customers there.

To the idiot who was sitting on his butt whilst flinging his stroller around in circles with a child strapped inside - YOU NEED A GOOD KICK- I couldn't believe my eyes as I was wandering past and saw said stroller with child inside become slightly airborn on one side and then smash down onto the hard tiled floor - face down! The noise was horrific enough, first the bang and then the scream - you are a moron and shouldn't be left in charge of a small child!

To the woman in the baby section of Toys R Us who overhead my conversation with Sophia about all the cute pink toys - you happily butted in with your opinions that yes everything is pink and how absurd and unpractical pink strollers are - ARE YOU BLIND? - I have a pink stroller and the fact that Sophia is my last child I think I can buy what ever darn pram I want! I bought a "sensible" pram for Amber and I never got to use it again, so this time I'm going all out with whatever colour I want - MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

To the ignoramous standing near me in the layby line at Toys R Us, as I was standing in line at the checkout (yes they are next to each other) WATCH WHAT YOU ARE DOING! I watched as you piled the boxes high on the top of your pram and as you began to push said pram away the whole lot came crashing down to the floor, smashing onto the front of my pram! Did you say sorry - only to the woman next to you that picked it all up! How dare you do careless things that could have injured your own child who was in the pram, let alone mine.

Yours sincerely,
One ticked off shopper {fizzwiggetflabbertygibbet!!} (me swearing under my breath)

Thankfully the rest of my shopping experience was great - I even found Edward stickers!


Ashley said...

Yikes Sarah! That sounded like one...er...eventful shopping trip! I don't like idiot people in malls either...especially around Christmas time. Bad enough there's a crowd but you have to bring your stupidity into it too...never a good combination!

Cyndi said...

Sarah.. Isn't it so frustrating when you'd like to speak up in these situations but the impulse is always after the fact...I agree idiots !!!

Tali G said...

Doesn't sound like a fun shopping trip...this is why I avoid shopping at all costs.