I feel like I've been hit by a bus...

I suffer from migraines - they are horrible and I generally only get them once a year. I had one a few days after Sophia was born and now I've been hit with another - blek. I can almost cope with the headache, but the numbness down the left side of my body, pins and needles in my tongue and the possibility of talking in opposites really annoys me. So I've spent the afternoon in bed - in a very dark room.


I took Amber to see Monsters vs Aliens. What a waste of popcorn that turned out to be!
To be honest I spent most of the movie thinking of my review for my blog! It was basically a mash up of Close Encounters of a Third Kind, Star Wars (The Clone Wars), ID4 and Mars Attacks. There was a grand total of 3 times that the cinema audience laughed - most of the time it was because B.O.B did something stupid (he has no brain). The story line was really lame, and the characters weren't even the kind that you'd be happy to go and buy a sippy cup with their picture on, or pay the extra money and get a stuffed toy at the candy bar. Honestly save your money. Even Amber wasn't that impressed - oh well, can't wait for Ice Age 3 to come out!


  1. Sorry about the migraine. They're never any fun! I heard the same about "Monsters vs Aliens" but I'm patiently waiting for "X-Men Origions: Wolveriene" to come out...Hugh Jackman rocks!

  2. AUGH!! Migraines are horrible. So sorry you have to deal witht that today.

    We went to Monsters Vs. Aliens as a family. We actually won tickets so it was okay. I'd be bugged if I had to shell out my own $$ for that one.

    Have a good day.

  3. Sorry to hear about the migraine, I suffer from those as well so I know how you are feeling...hope it goes away soon.

    As for the movie thanks for the heads up Connor is asking about it all the time, I guess we will wait until it comes out on DVD and get it with our video plan...save major bucks.

  4. Ugh migraines are NO fun! Feel better!

    Stopping by from SITS! Stop by my blog for my latest giveaway!

  5. I hate migraines, you poor, poor thing!

    On another note, thanks for the movie review. I'll have to remember it!


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