Happy Easter!!

Can you imagine my surprise when I awoke - or rather Sophia woke me, and I stumbled out into the kitchen only to find Amber hunched over this:Yes apparently it rained last night and the Easter Bunny didn't wipe his feet!!! The first thing Amber said to me was "Mummy don't be mad but.....", the foot prints started outside on the cement - the Easter Bunny told Amber in a letter that he had been hopping all over the neighbourhood dodging dogs and fighting with Sweet-Pea, who funnily enough was on a chair guarding the door when we went to investigate!

Previously though, this is what the girls had left out for the Grubby Easter Bunny:

The photo on the left is Sophia's little egg basket - she got a Charlie Chick Egg (but the Easter Bunny said that Amber had to help her eat it!), and Amber had a full blown smorgasboard - a bowl of water, some julliene carrots (Amber's idea not mine!) and a sweet letter all displayed on a bed of shredded grass - check out the cheeky character in her bed!

This morning I dressed my little bunnies:

Oh they are so cute - Amber was about to embark on a house bound egg hunt - it's rained all day which prevented our usual egg hunt in the garden. Sophia didn't mind wearing her ears at all and happily giggled every time the band moved.

While Sophia played - cause she refused to sleep all day - Amber and I busied ourselves with the egg hunt, dying eggs and decorating them, eating chocolate (although I did have a tuna salad for, lunch so I tried to be healthy!) and playing the Wii - my arm is so sore after Baseball now! Here is Amber enjoying her eggs:
There are more pink and blue eggs than other colours cause as it turns out you have to add vinegar to all the other colours - we didn't have any (as it's not written on the packet), so the other colours didn't stain as well. We just re-dunked those eggs in the pink and blue. The eye and mouth stickers came with the egg dye pack.
Well I hope you all had a wonderful Easter - and for my international friends, hope you're in bed otherwise the Easter Bunny will keep on hopping!


STAMPMOM9 said...

Happy Easter to you and your family! I love the footprints and the baskets, the eggs, the children!! Everything.....You thought of it all!! I will have to do that next time!! Fabulous! Congrats to the winner!! Enjoy your day! Hugs, Dawn

Ashley said...

HAPPY EASTER SARAH! That Bunny's quiet the mischeif maker not wiping his paws LOL!

The Blonde Duck said...

I hope you had a wonderful Easter! What a cute trail of bunny prints!

Tali G said...

What a great Easter you had, love the bunny prints.

Katamommy said...

What a fun Easter!! Love the footprints the Easter Bunny left!

Chelle said...

Bwahah omg those footprints made me laugh so much! I'll have to remember them for when mine is old enough to aprechiate them!!

Mommy2Liam said...

Those footprints are the coolest! I love the Easter eggs, and I didn't realize that you needed to add vinegar either!

I wish Liam would have worn bunny ears, but he's a little too impatient for them. lol.

Glad that ya'll had a great Easter!

Melissa said...

your little bunnies are so cute