Enjoying Summer while it lasts...

Today started off really painful - I have pulled something in my neck and can't look left, up or down, and have limited movement to the rest of my body because it's all connected to my neck. Don't you hate it when your body gives up on you! I ended up at the Chiropractor, got turned into a pretzel and am still no better - it's a work in progress he says, and a general fall-out from being pregnant - phooey, the things women do! So I have to go back tomorrow, because my neck's in such a bad way he could only work on one side, tomorrow we work on the side that's really stiff and unco-operative.

After all this I still managed to go to South Bank - I had promised Amber that we would go before school holidays finished, so I couldn't back down - pain or no pain. We ended up driving in instead of taking the train (thank goodness, cause it was quicker, cheaper and we got a really close park) normally none of this would bother me as South Bank is a beautiful place to just wander around, but walking isn't exactly comfortable at the moment! Sophia slept soundly for the entire morning, snuggled in her pram with her little hat on, while Amber splashed, jumped and swam her way around the lagoons and water toys. Here's some piccys:
For my international friends and family - this cute little guy is a Dugong, he squirts water out of his mouth.

Amber sitting on the side of the lagoon on the rocks - yep and she had to wear her goggles to see the coconuts on the bottom!Amber with one of the water toys - squirts of water would shoot out from each of the blue bumps into the next - Amber was trying to catch one.

This water activity teaches the children about rivers - water spurts out of the middle filling in the gullies which then pour into little streams - it's made to look like our very own Brisbane River.
Here's Amber trying to catch the water coming out of a "stream".

Little Miss Sophia just after her lunch - she awoke just as Amber finished her swim. I would have loved to dip her toes in the water!
This is part of the walk on the way to the lagoons or man-made beach. I wanted to get a photo of the beach, but there was just so many people. There are cafes and restaurants the whole way along this walk that spans South Bank - this was also the site for Expo 88. It's such a lovely place to walk and it's right in the center of Brisbane. On weekends there are markets and a huge sky wheel you can ride on.


  1. Looks like Amber had a great time, and I'm sure one day she'll fully appreciate the things you do with her even when you don't really feel like it!

  2. Beautiful pics, I hope your neck is better soon!

  3. Feel better Sarah! Those pictures look awesome!

  4. Nice pics Sarah! I've seen a live dugong in Singapore's Underwater World and they are so cute... Amber seemed to have endless fun with the water.

  5. What a cool water area to visit! Those photos are fantastic, and I really hope your neck feels better soon!

  6. Hope you are feeling better!

    The pictures are awesome looks like a beautiful place.


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