Cuppy Cakes....

Woohoo, my dear friend Candace from my Sassy Blinging Babes friends over at got her parcel today! I sent her my one and only cupcake- cause she adores cupcakes, and was the perfect person to have it. I also sent a couple of little treats inside too - and now I can show you all...

Some cute little cupcake pencil toppers - they're made of felt, blanket and straight stitch and some sequins for sparkle. Candace is a teacher, so I thought these would be perfect for her to take to school or to use in scrapping!

I am so happy you love my gifts Candace! No matter how far the distance is between us, you are a wonderful friend that I am so thankful to have met! Happy Birthday honey xoxo (It's the 7th here already!)

(Links to my cupcake, and it's tutorial can be found by clicking the word "cupcake" above)


  1. Love tutorials. Haven't got to check it out, but I will now!!
    Have a great day.

  2. Those are too cute! Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. you rock at these felt creations!!!!!!!! awesome!!!!!!!! i'm glad i saw your review on the movie!! thanks!!! Dawn

  4. How cute and springy. My granddaughter would love makin' some of these.

  5. thanks for stopping by my blog you have some pretty cute stuff on your blog too.


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