Completely disheartened...

What is the point of trying to take nice photos when you can't even have them printed the way they look on your monitor. I took some photos of Sophia and they came up pretty good (well I was happy with them), but when I took them to Kodak, all the colours were blown out - obscure pinks and reds, and the photo wasn't as soft and pretty as I had seen it at home. I've tried looking around the internet for calibrating techniques - but talk about novels, I'm no photographer but I would at least like nice photos. Here's some photos I took today of Sophia: And of course for Easter:Jason always calls Sophia "Chicken", so I thought we would play with feathers - Sophia loved them, pulling on them and trying to eat them - it looked like a chicken had exploded in my scraproom when I was finished! I have so much fun taking photos, I just wish they would print properly. Oh and there are some of Amber coming - we just had to go for a hair cut first.


  1. Those pictures are too cute! Love the one with the feathers!

  2. Those pictures are adorable. Where did you get the feather thing? I must put one of those on Liam.

    Have you tried photoshop? There are a ton of tutorials out there, but I am probably suggesting the wrong thing, because the problem seems to be your monitor, and what you are seeing on the screen. I think the photos are fantastic, and on my monitor they look a bit red, BUT... My monitor always shows pictures as being redder then they really are, and when I adjust them and print them, the people look like zombies, lol. They're faces come out unbelievably white!

  3. Those pictures are awesome. I hate when you print them and they don't look the same...if you figure it out let me know.


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