And the winner is........

Drum roll please....

The winner is Ashley!! I just know my white rabbit is going to love travelling to your place to live!! She's even small enough to go dancing! Just PM me your address Ashley and I'll pop her straight in the post!

I have been blown away by how many comments I got since offering my blog giveaway - I had 61 comments! I am deffinately going to do this again - only bigger and better!

Oh and I'd like to thank my assistant Amber for helping me with this project - doesn't she make a great name drawer! She's eagerly awaiting the Easter Bunny's arrival!


  1. I hope the Easter Bunny's very kind to your wonderful assisstant! Happy Easter from the USA!

  2. This is the first time I have heard you and Amber talk...ya'll are too cute!

  3. What a cute video...can't wait to hear about bunnies adventures at Ashley's house.

  4. What a great idea to video tape it. I love hearing your accents! They sound fantastic!


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