An A-Z of Me

This is a challenge for our Journalling/Blogging Group - it's like an encyclopedia of us, all of the following words are what make ME! So here we go - words are in no particular order:
A - aunty, arty farty, Amber, altered, Australia, angel baby, astronomy
B - baking, blue, bookworm, bunnies
C - crafty, cat, childcare, children, chocolate, cross-stitch, CSI, computers, c-section
D - decopage (3D), dog, depression, dance, decorator, diary, driving, dreams
E - egg (intolerance), eager, easy going, entertaining, ever after
F - funny, friends, foreign language, family, february, filling (none)
G - god mother, gracious, grumblebum, girly, girl guide, gardening
H - Harry Potter, husband, html, hot headed
I - infertility, indisisive, invisible, impatient
J - jigsaws, journalling
K - knock knees
L - lollies, loud, lemonaide, latenights
M - married, mum, music, mysterious, morning person (NOT), migraines, medication
N - notebooks, noodles, New Zealand, NCIS, non-smoker
O - overweight
P - PSP, photography, piano, peppermint, pink, phobia (frogs)
Q - quilting
R - roudy, random, reliable, recycle, renew, rollerblades, romantic, renovator
S - scribble, Sarah-Leigh, sings (in car), silly, smile, sewing, stationary, sleep, soul mate, Sophia, summer, shy, scrapper, Star Wars
T - tantrum, typical, touch type, tree climber, Twilight, teddy collector, trauma
U - U.F.O
V - vixen (HO HA Laugh!!) I had to put something! Just checking if you're still reading!
W - wife, wizard, Wii Fit, water, wisdom teeth (removed)
X - x-rays (way to many)
Y - yakking, yelling, yellow (I can be a scaredy cat)
Z - zealous


  1. thanks for stopping by my blog! I am OBSESSED with scrapbooking, so i'm sure i'll be over here alot~!!!

    cute blog

  2. Awesome A-To-Z! It's all about the wordplay!

  3. That is a cool meme! And your little girl is adorable. Reminds me of my baby girl. Thanks for stopping by. Hope to get to know you better.

  4. awesome list the vixen :)

  5. that looks like it took forever I have to give it a try...I see a mini book in our futures lol

  6. I am constantly looking to improve my journaling. Would you share the journaling blog that you used for this exercise?


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