A view inside my head...

Now hold hands, cause you might get lost - it's a big open space with words zooming around, left and right, and going no where in particular. Yep that's my head most days, and part of the reason why I have trouble sleeping at night - cause there's too much on my mind. Hence the reason why someone invented Blogging! Woohoo - now I can get all that junk out on the screen and sleep peacefully again. So, ever wondered what your head would look like inside if you could see in your ear? Ok probably not - but I have a photo!
My head is like a big giant blackboard full of ideas! Isn't this cool - you can get one too! It's from Wordle.net. All I had to do was input my blog's address and voila! There you have it, all my ideas and ramblings in one little picture (or what my head is like when I'm trying to go to sleep). The more a word appears in the text you input, the larger it will appear in the photo. You can customize font, colours, the amount of words (there's 150 here) and the direction of the text. Let me know if you do this - I would love to come and see your word cloud!


  1. That is very cool, will have to try that one.

  2. That's awesome! I'm totally going to have to try that!

  3. Very cool! Guess I'll have to blog more. Names of blogs are showing up the text.

  4. I thought I was the only one who's brain looked that way. I usually have so many ideas swirling around that I have a hard time finishing one thought without zooming off to the next.
    Thanks for looking and commenting about my blog, I so appreciate it.
    I haven't looked at all of your blog yet but plan to and I will be checking back regularly.
    Thanks, Connie


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