Parting the bath waters....

Okay so I took a photo of Sophia just after her bath - and well she looks like she jumped right out of the bible - that or she's practising to be a nun, you be the judge:Isn't she cute all wrapped up and cozy?! Sophia just loves bath time, but now she's getting really splashing and she chat's non-stop to her little bath friends! She's also been practising her rolling when I try to put powder on her back, she wants to flip right over and take off!

I also got to play around and try and fix a photo Jason's mum gave me - it's a little weathered and marked, so I had a bit of work to do.

This is the before photo - lots of yellowing and marking - I just love the edge of the photo and the aged look! I never get tired of looking at old photos (sorry Jas, no this isn't and "old" photo) Okay I love the style of photo that photographers once used. Now for the new photo:

I'm still tweaking and learning, but I just love that rich purple/blue velvet blanket!! It's amazing what's hidden in older photos under all the fading. I deffinately see Miss Sophia in this photo.


  1. GREAT JOB on that pic!! What program did you use?

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  2. She is such a sweetie. Love the picture you did a great job fixing it up.

  3. Awesome job fixing that picture! It's so neat you can do something like that!

  4. ooooohh! Now you've inspired me to go dig out some old photos! Cause I have nothing else to do, you know! Have a great day, SITSa!


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