Gosh - two posts in one day!

Okay - so you can see I've been playing around with my blog. I really wanted to use these gorgeous free digital elements that are from Shabby Princess. Now I have a really wide monitor, so I'm hoping (*fingers crossed*) that my blog looks okay on everyone elses computer. I wish I had my laptop here to try it out, but Jas has taken it to work (it has a normal screen) Bare with me if it does look funny, I'll check on it in the morning when I have time (birthday girl needs cupcakes, assembly to attend, dr's appointment - anything else that might come up!). This is the very first time I've created my own background, I have a way to go, but it's a start - I have to try and convert the turtorials on the web from Photoshop to PSP - not an easy task - but not impossible. Okay - now I have some icing to get done....


  1. OH NEAT! I think your blog looks wicked awesome!

  2. Looks fine here!!! I have a 13inch screen.

  3. It looks beautiful! I just wish I knew how you did it.


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