Going Insane.....

You all know who Herbie is right? That lovable car that has a mind of it's own? Well my car seems to think it's Herbie, and it's not a bug, and it's not a VW. At first the quirks were cute - the car seemed to know when ever we were driving home because it would play Savage Garden on the radio, or it would seem to drive us places we frequented with ease. This car would always be reliable and get me places, and it also helped in teaching me to drive. Well I'm over the quirks, cause now the car likes to change gears in the most impossible places! You know, just as you're turning a corner, entering a round-about, middle of the motorway or just driving down the road in a straight line. This car is automatic, so it does a fair bit of thinking for itself, but now it's downright dangerous! There is nothing worse than driving along and the finding out the hard (and embarressing) way that you are now in neutral and going nowhere fast! Now for the insanity part - I've been talking to the car. Yep, coaxing it, telling it to BEHAVE or I'm going to pull over and leave it on the side of the road, and other such threats or thanking it for actually getting me home! Now Sophia doesn't seem to mind my insane banter and tends to answer me, she coos and gargles as I give the car the riot act. Yesterday while we were out I got a call on my mobile phone - middle of the motorway - so I pulled over. Then there was getting back onto the motorway! How was this car going to go from 0-100km in 50m when it can't even go around a corner without throwing a hissy fit? Thankfully we managed it and arrived home safely with no further complaints. Jas tells me the car is living on borrowed time anyway and has been dreading this day for a while - it's done over 200 000km, so I should probaby give the car a medal for getting this far. On Thursday it's going to hospital for a transplant - a brand spanking new gearbox. I think I'll treat it to some Premium Unleaded afterwards....


  1. Though Herbie did rock, I don't think I'd like my car (if I drove) to have a mind of it's own. Probably not safe and all!

  2. That would scare me driving with children in the car, I would seriously look into that.


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