Easter ATCs...

Well we are at it again. My babes at Sb.com are making Easter ATCs to swap. This time I get to make 11. I decided because I love Easter colours, that that was what I wanted on my ATC - so I chose Peeps. Now we don't get these in Australia, so I've never seen or eaten one, I have however seen them online and that is where I got the idea. So I've made 22 little peeps in Easter colours, added some felt grass and a blinged up easter egg - and a little joke. Enjoy!

The bunny on the left with a chuck out of his backside says "My butt hurts!", and the bunny on the right with his ears eaten off says "What?". I used my sewing machine to sew the felt on. All up I made 44 Bazzill Peeps, and the bottom layer is slightly darker than the top to give depth. Oh and for anyone else that has never seen Peeps - they are marshmellow treats, you can see more over at: http://www.marshmellowpeeps.com/

As you can see, every ATC is different, no two are the same colour combination. The eggs are different too.


  1. Oh my goodness...this is the cutest thing!!!

  2. Those are absolutely adorable!

  3. As always, you rock the house on creativity!!!

    I have an award for you btw:


    Hugs always,
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  4. Those are fantastic! What fun ATCs!


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