Earth Hour 2009

Yep we did it again - at 8.30 every electrical appliance that could be turned off was, I lit candles and Amber set up her Littlest Petshop Themed Monopoly. We got to listen to the pouring ran which naturally cooled the house (all the fans were turned off), we had just enough light to play our game (although my optometrist would probably think not!) and we ate ice-cream. Sweeps didn't join us this year, as she did last year, but instead enjoyed the peace and quiet with a sleep on the back of the sofa. Jas also enjoyed the peace and went to bed early. So Amber and I played our game, lots of laughs and giggles and we even discussed our future plans for our new backyard that we are renovating. We hope to plant our own veges, have a secret compost, a worm farm and some herbs!! It's going to be so much fun showing Amber how things grow and then get to eat them! Here are our photos:
Amber and I had so much fun, that at 9.45pm we turned on the lights and kept playing our game (yes Amber stays up a little later on weekends). It was nice to just talk and play instead of just veging out infront of the telly for the evening.
I hope you all did your bit for the environment - I know we are fairly insignificant compared to the whole world, but if everyone just did a little bit towards helping, then it would turn into something huge! I always recycle, use my green bags at Woolworths and try to re-purpose anything that still has life in it (within reason of course).
For more information on Earth Hour visit here:


Ria said...

Wow, love to see folks joining Earth Hour 2009 and voting for Mother Earth! We are waiting for 3 more hours before we can have our Earth Hour too and we've already placed some candles on the votives. We'll definitely do this again next year and the year after that and the year after....

Hugs to all!
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Ashley said...

I've never heard of Earth Hours sounds really interesting. Maybe I'll bring it up at Girl Scouts for something for all ours troops to try on Earth Day.

Tali G said...

Looks like a great evening. Love the LPS game. We missed earth hour forgot about it until the next day :( better mark it on the calendar for next year.