My heart skipped a beat...

PhotobucketWell you'd think because Saturday was Valentine's Day this would be a nice mushy blog post - but no. Unfortunately not. Sophia was a little unsettled tonight for some reason, so as we used to do when she was a new born, we took her out for a drive. It was nice driving along the motorway, listening to the music and catching up on the days events with Amber at school, and just having a general chat with Jas. Well we had just about arrived home - the road we were on was the kind where there's a road, then a centre island and then the other side of the road. You have to turn into the island to cross into the street you are going into. Well we got cut off by a 4x4 that didn't give way, and then proceeded over the other road. Then it happend. Jas hit the skids, my heart lept into my stomach and the whole world decended into slow-motion panic. There was a car coming out of the shadows and down the road- with no lights on. It was nearly 8 o'clock at night, and they had no lights on. We didn't even see them! The woman was waving her arms at us, and all I could say was "where are your lights?" through my window. She drove on as if nothing happened. What a fright. It's taken a full hour and a bowl of ice-cream to calm me down. Our whole family could have been wiped out - all because some idiot chose to go driving without their lights on! It only takes a second to completely alter someones life - forever. I just had to write this down, otherwise it would play on my mind all night and I just know I won't sleep properly. I'm just so thankful Jas was driving, because he saw the car before me - it would have hit my side of the car first, completely T-boned us.


  1. Wow thankfully you are all okay.

  2. WOAH! That sounds horrid! It's good that you're all alright though!

  3. Thank god, it worked out! But my god I could only imagine the scare it must of been with the kids in the car and the nightmare of it all. Glad your all well. XOXO


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