It's a jungle out there...

Sophia and I made the trek to a scrapbook shop that's normally only about 30mins away. Today it took nearly an hour. Turns out there was a car accident right where we got on the motorway, and it caused traffic to bank up all the way to the shop! I sat on 60km the whole way! Sophia had fun walking around the huge shop, people stopped to chat with her and tell her she was a good baby (why wouldn't she be happy - we were in Scrapbook Heaven!). Sadly I couldn't find any of the Imaginisce papers (princess & twitter) that I wanted. But of course I didn't leave empty handed! Gosh no. You don't drive all that way to go home with nothing! Here's the layout I created from some of my goodies:
There are a lot of "boy" colours, but these are the colours that are on her Jungle Gym. I saw these little 3D stickers and they were perfect for the layout. I added a smidge of pink in there too just so you know it's a girly layout. I am not at all happy with the title, and will probably go and change it. I scraplifted this idea from a layout at
So after we were safely back in the car, the rain had started to come down and Sophia and I started our {hopefully} quicker trip home - EH WRONG. It rained so hard I thought I was on a ride at Sea World! We got on the motorway, the road was so shiny you couldn't see the lines, the rain fell so hard you couldn't see the bonnet of the car and then - then the fun began - white knuckle fun. There was so much rain on the road that the cars travelling in the opposite direction were throwing up water from the road like some deranged water ride! Imagine someone throwing a full bucket of water in your face - that's pretty close. Then there's the aqua-plaining on the slick bits. Just for an added bit of exhilaration - trucks that don't indicate while doing ungodly speeds despite lack of visibility, cars that don't have their lights on, and the rain just keeps getting heavier! All the while my little cuddlebug slept.
You know how the story ends - we made it home safely and I got to write about it - phew.


  1. Super cute layout! Love the little animals. Love the green too! Awesome color!

  2. This is way too adorable. Love the lil stickers and of course Sophia is the best embellie! =)

  3. The layout is the little animals. That was quite a story getting there and are really pushing life these last few days...once again glad to hear that you are alright :)


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