If I'm lucky I'll actually get to post today...

We've had some serious internet issues over the past few weeks, so posting has been rare. As it was my birthday post says I posted it the day of my birthday, but it was in fact lunch time the next day. I detest paying for a service I'm unable to use!

So what's been happening? Well I'm studying again - thankfully with Jas having days off like he does I'm able to study while he looks after Sophia. I'm studying my Diploma in Children's Services - it has it's moments, I love creating things, and recently made some musical instruments for a module I was working on:

These are my Aboriginal Clap Sticks, they make a nice sound when banged together (I had to make a multicultural instrument)

And these are my ribbon sticks with bells on the end. Kids love to wave things around that not only look colourful but make a noise too.

I've also been working hard on my Wii Fit and it's paying off! I lost 1.4kg since my birthday!! Woohoo

Amber has been busy with Karate, birthday parties and swimming - it's nearly Autumn here so I hope she makes the most of her swimming - she absolutely loves it!

Sophia is sleeping through the night beautifully, loves her bathtime and uses it to practice sucking her thumb, she's also trying to stand at any opportunity she gets, and chats to everything from the cat, to her swinging monkey in the Jungle Gym, to the Ikea air balloon over her change table!

Can you believe she's 12 weeks old now!? Where has the time gone! I was actually asked if I wanted to return to work early a few days ago - one of the girls is leaving and they thought I might want to take her place. Could you put Miss Sophia in daycare? Nope neither could I, it's going to be hard enough at the end of the year - right now I'm enjoying every bit of her - including the little raspberries she blows!


Ashley said...

Those musical instruments are wicked cool! The one with the bells is so pretty!

Candace said...

Very cute instruments!

Mommy2Liam said...

Very cool looking instruments!

When I had to return to work (Liam was 3 months), it was hard, but we were lucky enough to have alternating schedules. So no day care for him yet!

I've been contemplating the Wii Fit! Maybe I should really look into it!

Tali G said...

Congrats on the weight loss. The musical instruments are awesome.

I hear you about putting your kids in daycare, Connor has never gone and he is 5. My oldest son never went either. I am a firm believer that if you can stay home with your children then you should, they need that parental guidance and love as little people.