Home is where your heart is...

Our new prompt for the Journalling challenge is what we think when we hear the word home, what does it mean to us. Well I have several homes.

First there's my home on Facebook - yep I spend a fair amount of time there, especially with my pet Snookums:

She visits friends and family, and I can clothe, feed and decorate her house. We currently have 5 rooms, the bedroom is my favourite with all the toys. There's also a kitchen with dining, a loungeroom with fireplace and library, a bathroom - now with a toilet! and of course the entry way with my new laptop. It's so much fun to collect mail and coins, and run races against friends.

My other home is my Sims2 home. Yep Jas, Me, Amber and now Sophia are a little virtual family!

I love to build, tear down and rebuild my house, landscape, invite friends over, play with and train pets, and now - I can even build a snowman because I have seasons! Maybe I was supposed to be an architect or landscaper - not because I'm good at it, but because I love to create, design and then watch how it works. I have always loved watching houses in my neighbourhood being built - to start from a patch of dirt and then BAM, there's a house is just amazing.

So my all time favourite home - is the one I live in. Jas and I love to renovate. I think a home is what you make of it, what you do to it, how you make it your own. I have learned so many things from renovating. I can now tile floors and walls, build and install furniture, paint, fix pipes, dig trenches, erect a patio roof, I know how cement is poored and how to set up boxing - the list is endless! And the satisfaction of knowing that I did it is truly something! I've kept a scrapbook of befores and afters when we were renovating the Townhouse that we lived in a couple of years ago. It's so good to look over it and see what we accomplished - ourselves. Now we are renovating and landscaping our new home. We've already done so much (you can see photos if you click on the tag "renovating").

So there you have it. A home is a place to love, a place you can change so that you are comfortable, a place you actually "live" in.
P.S. I'm currently building a paddle-pop-stick house for Amber - I'll post when it's complete!


Ashley said...

TEEHEE! Awesome Entry! Love your Sim family (alas I too play the Sims 2 and Pet society on facebook)! Guess the virtual world can be home too!

Tali G said...

What a great take on the challenge. I am not a SIMs player...find it too much like work. I guess since I have 4 kids to look after already I can't be bothered with virtual kids :)

FairyKisses05 said...

I like your take on the common home. lol, usually people say I have only one home, but you counted in...how many?! lol

Mommy2Liam said...

ooooo, i love sims! great blog, and I am going to check out your renovating pictures. i think it is cool that you can do all those things yourself!