Happy Little Vegemites...

I managed a layout last night - couldn't sleep if I tried. I wasn't hot or cold or anything, just couldn't sleep - creative buzz flying around my head.Here are my two little vegemites on Australia day. I created our southern cross on the heart with star brads. We have the southern cross on our flag. Our national colour is green and gold, so I added this with the colour of the stars and the ribbons. I'm not impressed with the inking, my ink pad (one which I found in my drawers), was terrible and not the usual one I ink with. The ink just wouldn't dry and went everywhere! Thankfully I was able to erase some of it off!

Now I can't forget, Ashley & Tammylin gave me this wonderful award a few days ago. Thankyou girls!
I never thought that I could inspire someone! Now some women who inspire me:
Nicole: http://www.scrapbook.com/places/Scraphappynicole
Trisha: http://luvjones78.blogspot.com/
Jennifer: http://jenniferpriest.blogspot.com/
Ria: http://www.riablahgs.com/


Ashley said...

Awesomely cute layout! Love how you show your national pride with it! Sarah...there's something on my blog for you! Go check it out! :)

Kelly said...

super cute layout!

Mommy2Liam said...

Love the inked journaling strips! Dontcha just hate it when the creativity buzz starts flowing as you head for bed!

Tali G said...

Cute layout.