Edward's come to live with me....

I told you a few days ago about my adventures on Etsy - well, here he is - Edward Cullen! He's now living at my place!Yes - I *heart* Edward Cullens! And that's my Twilight book in the background. I also managed to finally find Eclipse the other day, and then yesterday I found Breaking Dawn! Woohoo, the search is over! This little Edward was beautifully crafted by Lolia Designs on Etsy, and is actually a necklace - I just wanted him to have in my scraproom. See he's holding the apple that was dropped by Bella in the cafeteria and he even has a watch on! I haven't taken him out in the sun yet to see if he sparkles (LOL).

On another note, I was listening to the radio this morning and they were discussing all things "going back to school", and about food and nutrition. Then they went on to say "put an ice-brick in your lunchbox on these hot days so your yoghurt doesn't go off, and it keeps your food cool and fresh, blah, blah blah...", then they said to watch out for the DANGERS of sharing. What?! Sharing is dangerous?! I thought we were to teach our children to share and be nice! I know about the whole germ warfare thing, but isn't that what lunch at school is all about - swapping your boring stuff for good stuff! I must have had the most dangerous upbringing as a child in the 80's! Gosh what did I get up to: didn't wear shoes outside, used swings and climbing equipment without soft-fall or bark underneith, constantly got blisters from the monkey bars, rode my bike without a helmet (until they invented a law that made us), didn't wear a hat outdoors unless I was at school - and that was my mum's idea, not the schools!, I even used the 2 second rule if I dropped a biscuit on the floor! I don't know how I made it to the ripe old age of 30!
What wild things did you get up to when you were a child that is now considered unsafe or dangerous?


  1. That Edward is beyond too cute! Hm...I really didn't do anything dangerous as a kid. I kinda was a clumsy kid (even though I was dancing ballet...and I still do that) so everything was dangerous. I wasn't allowed roller skates or a bicycle unless it was the summer because everyone was afraid I'd fall and not be able to dance.

  2. that edward is so cute!
    Glad you found the books you were looking for. I remember sharing my lunch with some of my friends, riding a bike without helmets or knee pads, etc.

  3. Aww, that Edward is so cute!
    How about the cell phones now a days-I don't even know how we survived without them, don't even ask about texting, ha!
    Thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. Your Edward is so cute! I love Twilight!!! I think I tried dirt as a kit. LOL! I never rode a helmet when riding my bike. Things are so different now!

  5. The little Edward it too cute. I never heard anything about not sharing...

  6. LOL, this blog is too funny! I am apparently going to have to read Twilight, because everyone is into it, and I am totally clueless!

    Isn't it funny how things change over time? We are constantly getting on to our mothers for giving Liam drinks with sugar, or caffeine, lol.

    My mom keeps telling me that I stress over stuff like that too much. She then proceeds to tell me that she gave me coffee in a bottle when I was 6 months old, and I loved it. She then goes on to state, "you didn't turn out so bad, after all that." I'm 4'10." Now I know why!!!!

  7. I played OUTSIDE

    it seems like no one does thia anymore LOL

    we also used to walk to the convenience store. I can't imagine letting my kids do that.


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