Check out my new bag...

PhotobucketYay, I'm finally back driving again! I had my 6 week check-up and alls good - a little gripe though, you would think after seeing my OB/GYN for nearly a year she would have some idea of who I am and my history - nope, she kept going on about how my scar looked good considering they went over the old one and that it might take a little longer to get back to exercise since this was my second c-section - um NO this isn't! Also I got tired of ringing her for an appointment during my pregnancy and then just after only to be told by the receptionist to go and see my GP if I'm really worried about something - I paid a fortune to see an OB so I should get to see her! If I wanted to go public then I would have stayed with my GP the whole time! Bizarre - but anywho - driving! After driving the Ford for a few days I got in my Little Blue (Sirion) and felt like I was driving a go-cart!

Oh and look what I made - it came in one 12x12 sheet, I just had to pop all the pieces out and fold and stick them as per the little picture (or decorate as I wanted):

I added a bit of doodling, Stickles, flowers, bling, ribbon and brads - would make a cute lolly bag, or if you got really creative you could hide a little album in there, it opens out flat and is patterned inside.

Oh and I found Etsy lastnight - oh boy, within 2 minutes of signing up I had bought something! I will post it when I get it - I can't wait it is soo cute, and I've already "favourited" some things!!


Ashley said...

That bag is so wicked cool!

Candace said...

Very cute bag, Sarah! I think I'd defnitely be finding another GYN.