Caution - big post ahead...

I'm posting while I have a moment of peace and quiet - here goes.
Firstly I would like to thank Ashley for this!:

Then I have to list 10 honest things about myself -

1. I was born in New Zealand
2. I love computer games - especially the Sims (I own The Sims, Sim Tower, Sim City, Sim Town) I actually catalogued all my families in The Sims just to keep track of who is related to whom!
3. I cried today - several times - I'm really stressed out...
4. I absolutely love fireworks, their colour, the bang and the smell (we can't own or use them ourselves in Australia - I just like watching them)
5. I have a phobia of frogs - you should see me run and scream - involuntarily - from them!
6. I got my car license when I was 23 years old and I'm still sometimes afraid to drive
7. I own a telescope and love to look at the stars and planets - I used to lie on the trampoline when I was younger and stare at the night sky with my dad's binoculars
8. I believe there is something out there - I've seen a UFO
9. I gave my daughter two fish that I had at work, she stopped looking after them so I adopted them and renamed them "Scrap" and "Crop" - they live in my Expedit shelving next to my desk in my scraproom
10. I once drew my own graphics and made my own blinkies - should try it again, when I find my pen-tablet...
Now for a layout:

I scraplifted this from the Page Maps site - here's a closeup of the flower (it looks really squished thanks to the scanner)

And for the Journalling/Blogging challenge I have to write about parenting - well after the last two days I've had I can honestly say it's the hardest thing I've ever done. Parenting is also the most rewarding, fun, exciting, scary, stressful, happiest, challenging, proudest, fulfilling thing I've ever done. I never understood why my parents did the things they did when I was growing up - you know the annoying stuff like meeting your boyfriend, having to know where you are ALL the time, constantly being told on by the "little blue bird" - you know the one that tells your parents what you have been up to when you are out with your friends!, how your parents always make you eat your veges or do your homework - well I'm probably going to be 10 times worse! I dread the day I have to let Amber ride a bus or go to the city (we've told her she has to have her black-belt if she wants to go to the city!) and now we have another little one to think of. How does your heart stretch between two kids (or more), I truly believe having kids is like having your heart wandering around outside you - for now I'm happy having young children, and will try not to worry about them as young adults until they get there - I'll just stick to being the Toothbrush and Vege police...


  1. That's an awesome layout! I'm the product of my parents listening to all those little birds...well, mostly my mom's mother. My sister...not so much!

  2. First beautiful layout, she is a cuite. Second thanks for sharing honestly with us, it is great to get to know you. Lastly you are so right about parenting it is the best and worst of our lives. And it gets much harder as they get older, you can't hold on to them forever you have to let them go and deal with their own life...but letting go is the hardest part of parenting. Good luck

  3. Sarah, you officially have the cutest children ever. Love that toothy grin!

  4. Oh wow! I love the layout and the flower you used! Very nice!
    I never got the hang of the sims, but I think their neat!

  5. Fantastic page! I love that you love looking up at the stars. You should definitely look at getting back into designing things. I wish I was more artistic!

  6. I am scared of frogs and driving (although I do it everyday) too!


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