It was like Christmas all over again yesterday as we swapped presents with our friends who we didn't get to see during the festive season. I received some lovely candles, a gorgeous blown-glass rooster, a tatty bear snow globe and the second book in the Twilight series! Woohoo - so obviously I'm trying to get the first one finished. Jas got some DVD's and this awesome jar of cashews with hidden starwars figures in it! Sophia received a glowing seahorse that plays music and some Lamaze sensory toys. Amber got an Aurora barbie, torch/lantern and beautiful dragonfly mobile that she could paint and hang up - here it is:

It hangs above Amber's bed and has the prettiest little chime when the wind catches it. I also managed to get a photo of the girls together - Sophia wasn't all together happy about it, but it's a cute photo anyway:

Amber is such a big helper - she's always trying to carry Sophia everywhere, wants to feed her and then burp her, and is always reassuring Sophia that "it's all right" when she cries. We are now enjoying daily walks around the block, as Amber rides her scooter and are all slowly settling into our new routines. Sophia is also putting on weight steadily and has grown 1cm since she was born.


  1. That's such an adorable photo! I was about Amber's age when my brother was born and I can remember wanting to help, too. My mom always says I was a big help to her. I was 7 and 8 years old and changing diapers! :)

  2. Aww!! How cute!! Love the new blog banner too.


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