Little bush baby....

Check out this little dude! Amber made her at school:She is made out of a sock, with soil and grass seeds in one end. Then a rubberband is wrapped tightly around the opening to stop everything falling out. Before watering, Amber glued on eyes and a nose. Sadly this little grass girl came home very dry and bald from school - so I popped her in a glass and filled it with water so she has a constant supply - she also sits on my kitchen windowsill to sunbathe. Now she's happy and has a full head of hair!! Such a cute and easy project to keep the kids entertained.
Today I also managed to watch Amber swim at school - as per usual it poured with rain (it always does that when I go to help out), I came home thoroughly pooped and have struggled for the rest of the day to stay awake. I finally got a burst of energy about and hour ago and went and spent it in the garden planting out my pink Zinnia's. I got a 10 pack of seedlings from the girls at work. Now I need a watering can to water them (we are still on water restrictions). Sweeps also thought she should help by jumping out from behind bushes, trees and the car and attacking me each time I dug a hole (perhaps it was a hint to get out of the garden?!) So now I have bite and scratch marks all over my hand and arm - she was quite serious!


  1. ok that project is too stinkin' cute. I feel your paino n the rain. living in florida we are all permanently moldy

  2. OK, I really need to do the bush baby project with my boys...what a hoot!

  3. That little bush baby is too cute!!


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