I've been showered!...

Today was my babyshower that Anna organised - I'll admit that I was a little stressed at how it was all going to turn out - I guess it was partly because I didn't have a thing to do with it, and I had no idea what was going to happen. That's the control-freak in me having a small stroke! But it all turned out wonderfully. There was heaps of food - I actually felt quite guilty because of the amount and the fact that so many people pulled out of the shower at the last minute, so we ended up with quite a small group - but I got lots of cupcakes to take home! Yummy! We also got to play a few games: guess the jelly beans in the baby bottle, guess the measurement of my tummy with toilet paper, fashion a nappy out of toilet paper on your team mate, a bumble bee pinata, "break the waters" - you have to pop anyone elses balloon of water when they arn't looking, and choose a weird and wonderful name for bub - the winner was "Scrapalina" - how very appropriate! There was also presents!Not all of these gorgeous gifts are from my shower - some were given to me on my last day at work from my lovely parents and the girls I work with. Everything that I have received for bub so far is something that I don't already have! There's even a couple of little Christmas singlets in there! Anna designed and decorated the "Friends" canvas which still has room for any visitors that come by who can leave well wishes! Again, I am so blessed to have met so many wonderful people this year through work and to have the love and support of my wonderful friends and family. I'm going shopping for thankyou notes tomorrow!

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