Trick or Treat!!

We technically don't celebrate halloween in Australia, but tell that to the hoards of children banging down my door demanding lollies. Where's Jason's old supersoaker (which could fire a deadly jet of water at least 10m) when you need it! Amber want's to trick or treat, but we don't even know our neighbours! I'll gladly stand at the door though and sell chocolates for $2 to raise money for Amber's karate group! Yep I'm a spooky pooper! Bah dead bugs!!!
Don't get me wrong though, I'm happy for Amber to dress up and we usually carve ourselves a Jap Pumpkin for fun, but when door knocking is so hit and miss and you don't know who you are going to meet, I'd rather stay at home and watch a good horror flick!


Lily said...

have fun with it

Candace said...

Have fun celebrating Halloween in your own way! It's gotten to where we hardly ever have any trick-or-treaters so we didn't even buy any candy this year. I'm going to stay home and scrapbook.