A snake, the TB scare and my bookshelf...

PhotobucketWhat a day! First I get informed that a child in my daycare has a strain of TB - no need to panic I just figured I'd ring my OB - couldn't get a hold of her anywhere (what was I paying her for again?!), then I rang maternity at the hospital who told me I needed to get tested straight away (AH!), but that I could ring Infection Control first to see what they think. So I ring them - very nice people and they say they have to find out and will ring me back. (All this is happening in my lunch break, while trying to get a hold of Jason - also AWOL) IC ring me back and tell me I have to ring the TB specialists at the PA. Thankfully I got a very informative man on the phone who basically told me that alot of doctors miss-diagnose TB from a couple of symptoms and that I have nothing to worry about (that and the child is Australian born). Phew - had some crackers and headed back to work.

As if that wasn't enough excitement - we had a visiting large black snake in our carpark! Great now the wildlife go to kindy! Life is never dull at work!

PhotobucketI started to build my bookshelf from Ikea - I figured I could at least then say that I built "something" entirely by myself in the office! That and I'm impatient. The first piece I pull out is warped and has a huge ding in the corner. (Now due to the fact that I'm really impatient normally I would just put up with this and put the dodgy bits in an inconspicuous place - I don't like bothering people with returns and complaints) But it's late night shopping and I can actually go to Ikea to replace it - they even think like me and only want the broken piece back and not the entire shelf!!!! So I proceeded to build my bookshelf and when Jas gets home we are off to get the top piece to finish off my little project. Woohooo. Tomorrow the carpet gets laid and then my bookshelf can go right on in there - then when I get home from work, all I have to do is move in!! I can't wait!

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Lily said...

sorry to hear about the scare. glad it ok. Kudos on the ikea, I hate putting that stuff together