Oh My - Squeel!!!!

Okay now that I've stopped running around like a ninny. I thought I'd check the mail today and what do you think I found?! I had mail from Rhonda, one of my babes from SB.com. The box was huge - and I'm thinking, wow, that's a big box for some ATC's (because I'm due to get them soon), but when I got home all was revealed - it was my RAK from our ATC challenge!! You should see what I got!:

How absolutely cool is this!!! I am simply blown away by your generosity Rhonda! Don't you just love that gorgeous card! The other totally cool thing about this is, I was only just eyeing off one of those tins a couple of days ago and decided not to buy it because it was so expensive (and DH might have a fit!) - But that's not all, check out what else was in the box:

Amber got her own special pack - because she helped me out with the ATC's (choosing colours and embellies) How sweet are you Rhonda!

Well now everyone knows where I'll be when I finish work in 2 weeks - sitting in my scrap-space and designing and filling that cute tin! Woohoo!!! Thankyou thankyou thankyou Rhonda! You Rock!!


  1. Oh, Sarah, it's no wonder you are running around squealing! I would be, too! That is one amazing RAK! Rhonda did a wonderful job and I love that beautiful card. It was so sweet of her to send Amber something, too. Enjoy!!!!

  2. reat stuff. can't wait to see what you do with it


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