My new home...

I've moved in!!! Oh the fun I've had searching through all my scrapping stuff that I thought was long gone and forgotten, I've even sat and browsed my albums a bit! I made my final trip to Ikea today to pick up my drawers, rails, hooks and spice rack. I also perfected my version of the clip-it-up. Here are some photos:

It's by no means finished - I will be putting all the things on the table (except the computer) onto the shelf above - we are just waiting for more brackets. So things will change. Also as I start to use my new desk I'll probably find new ways to store things and make things easier to find. At least my hanging system keeps everything at eye level where I can't forget them. I used the spice-rack to sit my little bottles on. The drawers house all my photos, baskets of flat things and all other stuff that doesn't have a home elsewhere (I'll get that organsed soon) I also love that all my mini albums are in the one place now. Here is a close-up of my hanging system:

I have used wire before but find it can sag in the middle (and I got sick of waiting for help at Ikea to find where they keep the wire) So I used a curtain rod, two holders - they pop out so you can add more rings, and the rings are from the textiles area of Ikea. They come in packs of 10 - I have 50 rings. They also come with the little clips on them. Now a close up of my spice-rack:

I bought the longest rail so that the spice-rack and a few buckets would fit. I also bought some hooks for other things like my scalloped ruler to hang from.

Now for my bookshelf:I'm working on changing all the magazine holders - I ran out of the clear ones. I love the fact that all my albums are in the one spot and Amber and I have already sat down on our new sofa-bed and browsed 3 albums! The big white space on the wall above the bookshelf is screaming for some colour, so when I can I'll be putting up some framed layouts or quilts. I may also be putting my framed ATC's from the Babes up here. I also have to keep some space for my study stuff (for now). As this is also my study area. When I finish studying I can pack it all away.

So there you have it - my new favourite spot in the house - it's also the most organised and tidy - my little sanctuary. Now I also get to start organising bub's room!


  1. Oh, Sarah, it's gorgeous! I love your new space. I am jealous! You are going to have so much fun creating in your new room! Someday when I have my own room I'll be stealing your curtain rod clip-it-up idea!

  2. What an awesome space Sarah!!! Love your hanging system and all the shelves. That must be a dream to work in!!

  3. It was really worth the wait, I see! What a wonderful space to create in :)

  4. wow, this looks amazing. great job

  5. Slightly jealous! I really need ot get my room togther! Jennfier also has a beautifuls crap room compliments of Ikea! She lives in that place! Your is awesome Thanks for sharing!

  6. what a lovely space! very organized... wish my area's like that =)


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