Creativity has struck again...

Yep lastnight out of nowhere! Here is my layout:Due to the fact I have no time to actually think of layouts, I saw a version of this at 2 Peas and hacked it! I just loved all the colour and the layering. The photo is of all the little fairies and critters that Amber and I made one weekend with Rubba-Dubba-Doo. It's this neat sculpting stuff we found at Lincraft. It's sort of like Playdo only lighter and it dries to a foamy compound. So now Amber can play with them over and over with her little cardboard scene. Oh and before I get picked up by the spelling police - I've checked, googled and searched the online dictionaries for the correct spelling for "Mold" and I get both "Mold" & "Mould" for the same meaning.

Oh and a snakey update - he started to stink really bad today so had to make a trip to the big green filing cabinet in the carport (the wheely bin) boy did he reek. I did get to take him to work though and show the kids - I explained that this is what happens when you play on the road (cause that's what the snake was doing)- you get squished and your insides become your outsides! They loved it!


  1. How fun--I love that you scrapped this. And the colors and layering of the layout are cool.

  2. Lovely layout and ick on the snake. Leave it to a teacher to use a dead snake to teach a lesson

  3. Love what you did here. You always so such cool layouts!!


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